Sunday November 19th 2017

Communications Director


Communications Director



Most duties can be performed from home.


Financial terms

£60 per season


(Note: If the candidate is also performing Board duties, the fee shown here will not be paid.  Instead a membership fee rebate system is applied to reflect the loss of the person’s ability to enjoy the full benefits of their membership fee as a result of taking on this role. Contact the club for more details).


Employment status

Self-employed status in accordance with HMRC guidelines. Self-employed individuals are responsible for calculating and paying their own tax and NICs on any payments made to them.


Time commitment

Flexible. Around 3-4 hours a week. The workload reduces during the offseason (October-February).


Project description

The role of a club or league Media Officer is to maximise press/media coverage for the club or league, ensuring publicity before and after events wherever possible.  This will require you to establish and build relationships with local media.  You may also get your moment in the spotlight and be called upon to act as a spokesperson for the club or league on some news items.



·       Act as a member of the Board

·       Chair the Club’s Media committee

·       Oversee all club media activities (news sections on the official club website, twitter, facebook, flickr, tv/radio channel)

·       Act as editor, or appoint editor(s), over media content on the official club website, twitter, facebook, flickr and tv and radio programming.

·       Recruit and assign duties to other members of staff in the media department e.g. editors, reporters, bloggers and other writers, tv/radio presenters, audio/video editors etc.

·       Issue and distribute press releases and co-ordinate activities with external media organisations.

·       Maintain the database of relevant external media organisations (regional, national and international) for the purpose of distributing press releases or other interaction.

·       Communicate with relevant league press officers to ensure compliance with league media requirements by delegating these tasks to other media staff.

·       Check that media staff members meet deadlines, as much as possible;

·       Promote media events.

·       Strengthen relationships between the Club and external media organisations.

·       The Club media Officers will be provided with press release templates, mailing lists and other useful resources to make the task easier


Skills required

·         Good written and verbal communications skills.

·         Enthusiasm for baseball and/or softball.

·         Media savvy.

·         Efficiency.

·         Good IT skills.

·         The ability to be a “team player”


Special conditions

Not applicable.


Application process

To apply for this project, please contact us providing details of relevant experience, skills and qualifications, if applicable.


Applications Deadline

No particular deadline has been set. Applications will be considered until the appointment is announced.