Sunday November 19th 2017

Public Announcer-Lon


Public Announcer (London NW)



West Hendon Playing Fields, Goldsmith Avenue, London NW9 7EX


Financial terms

£50 per season


Employment status

Self-employed status in accordance with HMRC guidelines. Self-employed individuals are responsible for calculating and paying their own tax and NICs on any payments made to them.


Time commitment

Between 6 and 10 home game days.  Games usually start at 12am and end at around 4pm. Some events are on Sundays, and some on Saturdays.


Project description

Herts Baseball Club hosts exciting youth league baseball events during the season. Music and game announcements play an important part at these events.



·         Set up public announce system for each event

·         Announce starting line-ups, in-game announcements, public address announcements, presentations, sponsorship announcements, contests, and coming events.

·         Prepare a playlist of songs ahead of the event and store them on a device compatible with the club’s public announce system

·         Play music between innings and other periods during the event

·         Announce catering, merchandise and other promotions, or upcoming events.

·         Issue health and safety announcements and appropriate instructions in the event of an emergency.

·         Provide helpful venue information

·         Be able to give statistics and announce names of players and officials.

·         Study layout of event venue.

·         Work with event director to ensure timing of announcements.

·         Announce updated scores from around the league


Skills required

·         Ability to operate a public announce system and music playing devices

·         Good communication skills.

·         Reliability and responsibility.

·         Enthusiasm

·         Good management and organisational skills.

·         Friendliness and approachability.


Qualifications required



Special conditions


Application process

To apply for this project, please contact us providing details of relevant experience, skills and qualifications, if applicable.

Applications Deadline

No particular deadline has been set. Applications will be considered until the appointment is announced.