Sunday November 19th 2017

U15 Manager-HH


Baseball U15 Team Manager (Hemel Hempstead)



Grovehill Ballpark, Hemel Hempstead, Some games to be played at away venues.


Financial terms

·         £10 per hour

·         Fee limited to 3.5 hours per day even if game day is longer than 3.5 hours.

·         Fee limited to 16 events (game days or training days) per year even if coach decides to stage more than 16 per year.

·         Mileage allowance of £0.25 per mile when games are played away from home.


Note: these financial terms may be adjusted depending on the applicant’s qualifications and circumstances, but will be agreed in advance.


Employment status

Self-employed status in accordance with HMRC guidelines. Self-employed individuals are responsible for calculating and paying their own tax and NICs on any payments made to them.


Time commitment

Between 12 and 16 events (games and/or training), from March to mid-July and then 2 weeks in September. Games/training sessions take place on Saturdays and last around 3 hours each. They usually start at 11:00am and end around 2:00pm.


Project description

Herts Baseball Club enters teams of various age groups into the respective regional, national and international league competitions.


This particular project will involve work with boys and girls, predominantly aged 13 to 14.


The aim is to give the team the full baseball experience of playing for a team in competitions during the baseball season. This is part of the club’s player development system where players join the club and grow through the ranks alongside their teammates in a family-friendly and enjoyable baseball environment. The team welcomes all players regardless of whether they are aiming to play at the highest level or simply enjoy being part of the team and the club.


The main objective of the project is to grow the programme by offering a high quality experience which families would be happy to recommend to others.



·         Plan and run safe, effective and enjoyable training sessions.

·         Build team spirit and encourage participation.

·         Develop individuals’ skills, confidence and fitness.

·         Manage the team during games and set tactics.

·         Manage the use of team and field equipment

·         Communicate event and other details to players and their parents by email, telephone, in person or using the club’s online tools.

·         Manage and monitor player availability for upcoming events

·         Appoint coaches and other assistants and delegate duties accordingly, including appointing a deputy when away

·         Determine the team’s season awards winners

·         Promote fair play, team standards and Codes of Conduct.


Skills required

·         Good communication skills.

·         Reliability and responsibility.

·         The ability to lead by example.

·         Enthusiasm

·         Good management and organisational skills.

·         Friendliness and approachability.


Qualifications required

·         Candidates with previous experience as a baseball coach will be given priority but all applicants will be considered regardless of the level of their coaching experience.


Special conditions

·         This project involves work with children and the successful candidate must carry out a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check (previously CRB-check). If you don’t have an up-to-date DBS certificate, we can assist with the DBS-check process, free of charge.

Application process

To apply for this project, please complete this online application form

Applications Deadline

No specific deadline has been set. Applications are still being accepted.