Sunday November 19th 2017

Welfare Officer


Welfare Officer



Most duties can be performed from home. There may be a need to attend some events at home venue or away venue.


Financial terms

£30 per season


(Note: If the candidate is also performing Board duties, the fee shown here will not be paid.  Instead a membership fee rebate system is applied to reflect the loss of the person’s ability to enjoy the full benefits of their membership fee as a result of taking on this role. Contact the club for more details).


Employment status

Self-employed status in accordance with HMRC guidelines. Self-employed individuals are responsible for calculating and paying their own tax and NICs on any payments made to them.


Time commitment

Flexible. To be discussed with the club.


Project description

The main purpose of a Club Welfare Officer (CWO) is to promote good practice and implement safeguarding policies at the club. The CWO also needs to ensure that all appropriate documentation, policies and procedures are completed and maintained in accordance with BSUK policy and current legislation.



·         Assist the club to put in place BSUK Safeguarding and Child Protection policies and procedures.  Ensure that Codes of Conduct are in place and are well publicised and adhered to.

·         In consultation with the BSUK Welfare Officer, ensure that all reported incidents are managed in accordance with the BSUK Welfare Policy.

·         Be aware of local Social Services, Police and Area Child Protection Committee contacts.

·         Sit on relevant club/team/league committees.

·         Be a point of contact for all coaches, umpires and volunteers taking responsibility for children and young people and liaise with their parents or carers.

·         Maintain records of Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check (previously CRB-check) in accordance with good practice procedures.

·         Take charge of the distribution/display of relevant leaflets and Codes of Conduct to members, parents and young people.

·         Advise on the development of activities for young people within the club/organisation.

·         Support the registration of all personnel involved in activities for young people within the club/organisation (DBS/CRB checks).

·         Receive, record and pass on to the BSUK Child Protection Officer any concerns relating to the welfare of young people and vulnerable adults.


Skills required

·         Friendliness and approachability.

·         Good listener/effective communicator.

·         Confidence and leadership skills.

·         Organisational skills.

·         Enthusiasm and motivational skills.

·         Knowledge of child protection policies and procedures and DBS/CRB checks.

·         Knowledge of the Data Protection Act.

·         The ability to deal with confidential matters.

·         The ability to be tactful when dealing with sensitive issues.


Special conditions

·         This project involves work with children and the successful candidate must carry out a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check (previously CRB-check). If you don’t have an up-to-date DBS certificate, we can assist with the DBS-check process, free of charge.


Application process

To apply for this project, please contact us providing details of relevant experience, skills and qualifications, if applicable.

Applications Deadline

No particular deadline has been set. Applications will be considered until the appointment is announced.