Sunday November 19th 2017

Data Protection


Data Protection Policy

In accordance with best practice, Herts Baseball Club has agreed a Data Protection Policy that sets out Herts Baseball Club’s commitment to comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.

You have a right to know about any personal information Herts Baseball Club holds about you. You also have a right to have any of your data corrected or deleted.

Please address any requests and/or queries you may have about Herts Baseball Club’s data protection policy to :

The Secretary, Herts Baseball Club

The data protection policy has been formally approved by Herts Baseball Club’s Executive Board. It applies to all Club officials.


An essential activity of Herts Baseball Club is the requirement to obtain and process information about its members and customers in order to perform its various functions. This will be done in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (the Act) and other related legislation.

Herts Baseball Club recognises its duty to handle personal data in a proper and confidential manner at all times, irrespective of whether the data is held on paper or by electronic means. This duty covers: -

  • The obtaining of personal data
  • The storage and security of personal data
  • The use of personal data
  • The disposal and/or destruction of personal data

Herts Baseball Club has a responsibility to ensure that data subjects have proper access to information that Herts Baseball Club holds regarding them, provided that written request is made and the appropriate fee is paid.


In compliance with the Act Herts Baseball Club will: -

  • Acknowledge the rights of individuals relating to personal data and ensure that these rights can be exercised as specified in the Act;
  • Ensure that personal data are obtained fairly and lawfully;
  • Ensure that personal data will only be processed for the purposes specified;
  • Obtain and process data in a confidential manner ensuring that the data are fit for the purposes specified, are not excessive and are disposed of when no longer required (subject to any statutory requirements);
  • Ensure that necessary and sufficient steps are taken to ensure that the data are accurate and up to date;
  • Ensure that necessary and sufficient security measures are in place to protect data against damage, loss, misuse or inappropriate disclosure;
  • Ensure that transfer of data is done in a lawful manner with due regard for security.


To help discharge its obligations Herts Baseball Club will: -

  • Ensure that all activities relating to the processing of personal data have sufficient safeguards and controls in place for security of data;
  • Ensure that all contracts between Herts Baseball Club and third parties that involve processing of personal data will make reference to the obligations and the necessity of compliance with the Act;
  • Ensure that officials, volunteers and others acting on behalf of Herts Baseball Club understand their responsibilities under the Act and that appropriate training or instruction is given for this purpose;
  • Ensure that Club officials (and others acting on behalf of Herts Baseball Club) have access only to personal data that are necessary for the performance of duties;
  • Ensure that requests for access to personal data are dealt with in a courteous and timely manner whilst ensuring that the data subject (or authorised representative) does have a legitimate right to access the information;
  • Review this policy and safeguards and controls relating to it annually to ensure that they are still relevant, efficient and effective.