Friday November 27th 2020


Visitors to the venue assume all risk, danger and injury incidental to the game of baseball or other event and all warm-ups, practices, competitions, entertainment and promotions associated therewith, at all locations in and around the ballpark and surrounding areas and parking lots, whether occurring prior to, during or subsequent to the playing of the game or other event, including (but not limited to) the danger of thrown bats, fragments thereof, and thrown, propelled or batted balls and other objects, and agree that no persons or entities are liable for any injuries, death, or loss of property resulting from such causes, and releases and holds harmless all such persons and entities.

The use of abusive language, interference with or disruption of the event (including but not limited to throwing objects in the stands or onto the field or stage), entry onto the playing area or stage, and drunken or disorderly behavior, among other things, are prohibited. Violators are subject to ejection, civil penalties, and/or arrest.



• please drive only on the roadways and the car parking areas; do not drive on the grass

• Foul/abusive language and obscene gestures are prohibited

• please only use the toilets in the Pavilion

• please practice in areas well away from members of the public, vehicles and residences

• please treat our neighbours with respect at all times

• no soft toss hitting against the perimeter fencing around the ballpark.