Saturday May 27th 2017

Rec League FAQs

Q: Who can play in the HRL?

A: Anyone 14 years or older is welcome to play! Just go to the clubhouse, and register as a member. In the Membership Category list select the the Herts Recreational League, follow the instructions and you’re ready to play ball!.

Q: What is the level of the HRL?

A: There’s going to be a mix of levels. Some will be new to the game, some will have just started playing, some will be coming back from injuries, etc. What’s important is the opportunity to learn the game, have fun, and both teams have the same mix of players with similar levels.

Q: I’m new to the game and I don’t know anything/much about the game and the rules. Can I still participate in the HRL?

A: Yes. This recreational league is the perfect opportunity for you to get involved with the game and learn it. You don’t need to commit to the club for any length of time. You can try it as a pay-as- you- go member or you can sign up for the full season. See our fees page to help you decide what is the best option for you.

Q: I’m an experienced player. Can I still play in the HRL?

A: Yes, this is a good opportunity to get some extra playing time. Experienced players will be evenly mixed between the teams to make it challenging and equitable.

Q: How long is a baseball game? How long are these games going to be?

A: A normal 9-inning baseball game can take around 3hrs. However we understand everybody has a busy schedule. Therefore to make this league as fun and entertaining as possible we are limiting the game to a maximum of two hours. This way you can plan your Saturdays accordingly and still enjoy a great game of baseball.

Q: Do I need to be affiliated with Herts to play in the HRL?

A: Players from any other club in the British Baseball Federation are welcome to register to play in the HRL. The HRL is an independent league and you can be a member of the HRL and continue to play with another club in the BBF Leagues. Everyone is welcome to play in the HRL.

Q: I want to try to play a different position(s). Will I be allowed to do so?

A: Absolutely. This is a good opportunity to play different positions to see if you like it and/or maybe find out you’re better at a different position. Therefore it’s important to let us know your preferred positions during the online registration. Please note the managers will do their best to accommodate your requests on a given weekend but bear in mind there might be a high demand to try certain positions (e.g. shortstop, catcher, pitcher).

Q: Can I play if I’m affiliated with another British baseball club?

A: Yes, this league is the ideal opportunity for you to play more baseball without the need to switch clubs or affect your eligibility to play BBF regulated games with your current club. It’s also a good opportunity to try and/or get better in different positions which normally you are not able to do so with your current club.

Q: What if an entire team wants to play in the HRL?

A: A team is more than welcome to play in the league. While the league tries to mix all players, we are welcome to accommodate entire teams to create a fun environment. Please contact us [Click Here] for details and scheduling.

Q: Is this league free? Why do I have to pay to play?

A: No, the league isn’t free. In order to offer you the best possible experience with quality equipment, baseballs, knowledgeable managers, umpires, etc. we need to charge you a small fee to make this league sustainable. However it’s a great value for money. Additionally we offer some great packages to make it more affordable. See fees page for details.

Q: What happens if I pay and I can’t make it to the game?

A: Since your signup and payment to a certain game guarantees you a position on the field, we really don’t want you to miss the game! However we understand last minute emergencies could prevent you from attending the game. In such a case your payment will be counted towards the next game you plan to attend. If you don’t plan to attend any more games and would like a refund please contact us and we’ll return you the money within 5 business days (small cancellation fee applies). Unfortunately no refund are available if you have bought one of our plans.

Q: What happens if I pay and the game gets cancelled?

A: If a game gets cancelled due to weather or other circumstances you will receive a credit towards a future game you plan to attend.

Q: Can I pay by cash on the day of the game?

A: We highly discourage cash payment. Your online card payment before the game day lets us know you are committed to attend the game. Besides it makes admin much easier and keep our costs down to provide you with the best baseball experience. However we understand there are times when paying by card is not possible. You MUST let us know at least 48hrs before that you plan to attend the games and pay by cash on game day.

Q: I would like to try umpiring a game. Is there a possibility to do so?

A: Yes, we are looking for people who want to learn to umpire. This league is a perfect chance to give it a try and not feel the pressures of regular games. This league is built to develop new players and umpires. We will make sure you feel comfortable during the learning process and provide you with some tools to improve your umpiring skills. If you’re already an umpire with experience please feel free to contact us as we would like you to be part of this league.

Q: I’ve heard there are some paying/volunteering positions in this league. How can I apply to them?

A: We are always looking for volunteers to help make this league as successful, fun, and community oriented as possible. We occasionally are looking for some paying positions to strengthen the league and make it sustainable for years to come. Please refer to our Available Positions section or send us an email [Click Here]. Feel free to contact us if you have ideas how you can help us make the league better.

Q: Is there concessions to buy food and/or drinks?


Q: Is there a store to buy equipment and/or baseball clothing?


For any further questions or comments please contact us [Click Here].

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