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In July 2020, the UK government approved a Covid-secure protocol to allow baseball games to be played. Despite this, some events may be affected if the government imposes stricter Covid restrictions in which case the club will do its best to minimize its own costs related to affected events in an effort to reduce membership fees as much as possible. For example, when the 2020 league season was scaled down, membership fees were reduced to £20 for adult league play. In view of the effect of Covid-19 on the economy and on the finances of many families, the club has already reduced its 2021 membership fees by removing many peripheral costs and focusing spending on the core elements of the membership packages.

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Play in the Adult Baseball Leagues (ages 14 and over) - fees from £114 to £209
Play in the U18 National Baseball Championships (ages 15 to 17) - fee £10
Play in the U15 Baseball League (ages 13 to 14) - fee £59
Play in the U13 Baseball League (ages 11 to 12) - fee £59
Play in the U11 Baseball League (ages 6 to 10) - fee £49
Non-Roster Adult Member (training and non-league games only) - fee £30
Play in the Hunlock Series as a Non-Member (I will be 14 or over on 31 Dec 2021) - fee £12
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