Adult Team Uniform

Adult Team Uniform

Uniform is not included in the membership fee therefore players purchase their own uniform items which include the items listed below (See example of the uniform in the image above):

  • Herts jersey (white)
  • White pants (ideally with black piping)
  • Herts baseball cap (black)
  • Belt (black)

How to order a Herts jersey?

The white Herts jersey is priced at around £59. To order one, please contact us indicating your size and we will send you a list of jersey numbers in stock. See this rough guide on baseball jersey sizes.


The official supplier of Herts baseball headwear is New Era which is also the official supplier of MLB, NFL, NBA and many of the English Premier League teams.

There is a wide range of Herts baseball cap models on offer. Contact us if you would like to order one which you can pick up at your next event:

  • Herts New Era 59FIFTY DiamondEra (Black) – £20
  • Herts New Era 59FIFTY Original (Black) – £20
  • Herts New Era 9FORTY DiamondEra (Black) – £15
  • Herts New Era 39THIRTY Original (Black) – £15

The following are not part of the official team uniform:

  • Herts New Era 9FORTY DiamondEra (Carbon) – £15
  • Herts New Era Bobble Cuff Knit Hat (Red, White and Black) – £10
  • Herts New Era Bobble Cuff Knit Hat (Black and Burgundy) – £10

See guidance on New Era sizes for different cap models.

Pants and belts

Order from UK-based retailers:

Keeping your costs down

If  you are looking to keep your uniform costs down, you can bid for second-hand jerseys and other uniform items which are available at the moment. Contact us indicating what you are looking for and we will send you a list of items for sale.

Are you looking to sell?

If you are a former member and are looking to sell your used jersey, please contact us indicating the jersey number and size. We can then keep you updated when bids come in for your jersey and you can decide if you want to accept any of them.