Tuesday May 22nd 2018

LondonSports, LYBL and Mets book a place in European qualifiers

BSUK hosted the 2017 edition of the UK Little League Qualifiers at a sun-drenched Farnham Park on the weekend of 17-18 June, with places in Europe/Africa Little League qualification tournaments at stake in the different age groups and the winners of Europe/Africa will go on to play in Little League World Series tournament later in the summer. As temperatures moved above 30 degrees, 17 teams from across the country gathered to compete across five different categories for the chance to be crowned as a UK Little League National Champion.

Here is a recap of the final scores, standings and confirmation of the winners qualifying for the Europe/Africa Qualification phase.


Group Games
London Mets 7, LondonSports 6
LondonSports 24, Herts Red Kites 1
London Mets 9, Herts Red Kites 6

Group Standings
London Mets (2-0)
LondonSports (1-1)
Herts Red Kites (0-2)

LondonSports 5, London Mets 3


Group Games
LondonSports 14, Brighton Fireballs 3
London Mets 12, Brighton Fireballs 2
London Mets 8, LondonSports 6

Group Standings
London Mets (2-0)
LondonSports (1-1)
Brighton Fireballs (0-2)

London Mets 13, LondonSports 10


Group Games
LondonSports 7, Herts Harriers 4
LYBL Bulldogs 11, London Mets 1
London Mets 6, LondonSports 5
LYBL Bulldogs 29, Herts Harriers 0
LYBL Bulldogs 19, LondonSports 3
London Mets 13, Herts Harriers 3

Group Standings
LYBL Bulldogs (3-0)
London Mets (2-1)
LondonSports (2:1)
Herts Harriers (0-3)

LYBL Bulldogs 10, London Mets 0


Group Games
LYBL Bulldogs 12, LondonSports Two 2
LondonSports One 14, LYBL Bulldogs 4
LondonSports One 6, LondonSports Two 0

Group Standings
LondonSports One (2-0)
LYBL Bulldogs (1-1)
LondonSports Two (0-2)

LYBL Bulldogs 8, LondonSports One 3


Leicester Blue Sox 8, Brighton 1
LondonSports 16, Brighton Fireballs 11
London Mets 14, Leicester Blue Sox 10
Leicester Blue Sox 5, LondonSports 5
Brighton Fireballs 25, London Mets 6
London Mets 11, LondonSports 11

Group Standings
LondonSports (1-0-2)
London Mets (1-1-1)
Leicester Blue Sox (1-1-1)
Brighton Fireballs (1-2)

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