“Bring a Friend” for Herts Baseball Club’s Open Day this Saturday and Sunday

The Herts baseball teams returned to the ballpark for the first time at the weekend after spending the previous six weeks preparing indoors. The weather forecast shows that the sun will come out and temperatures are expected to rise to 13oC later this week. Spring is here and baseball is well and truly back.

Herts Baseball Club is preparing for a big weekend of baseball at its Grovehill Ballpark in Hemel Hempstead.


On Saturday, March 9, boys and girls as young as 6 and as old as 16 will be coming for the Open Day for youth team players. “This is the ideal opportunity for youngsters in Hertfordshire, North West London and the surrounding regions who have never tried the game of baseball to come to the ballpark and give it a go” said Club President, Aspi Dimitrov. He added that “our coaches will guide new players throughout the day to introduce them to the game of baseball and hopefully they will enjoy it and join the growing number of youngsters for whom baseball is their preferred summer sport”. The event is free to enter and players will be provided with all the necessary baseball equipment on the day so they can just come and enjoy the event”. To sign up for the event and to receive full details click here to contact the club. Even if the event clashes with football or other activities, families can still contact the club for details of upcoming events in the following weeks. New players can join the baseball teams at any time of the year.


On Sunday, March 10, it is the turn of the adult teams who will have a similar Open Day for male and female players aged between 14 and 55+. “We have 5 teams playing in the various British baseball league levels so we welcome players regardless of their ability or previous experience, from those who have never thrown a baseball in their lives to accomplished players with previous experience” said Dimitrov.

This is a very exciting time of the baseball season as the team managers assess the players and plan their rosters. Players will have a chance to impress the coaches on the day with their batting, fielding, pitching and running abilities. Every year new players come to give baseball a try and there are always one or two who surprise the coaches by turning up quietly, just like Robert Redford in the movie “The Natural”, and show incredibly strong throwing arms and/or ability to hit the ball out of the park. “Who will be our Roy Hobbs this weekend?

The event is free to take part  and players will be provided with all the necessary equipment. To sign up for the day and to receive full details click here to contact the club. If the event clashes with other activities, interested players should still contact the club for details of other upcoming events which they can come to in the coming weeks.


The Club is promoting this weekend as “Bring a Friend” event. Youth and adult players and fans of the club are encouraged to invite their school friends, colleagues from work, neighbours and anyone who may be interested to give baseball a try.

“Our existing members are our most successful promoters as over the years the club has grown largely as a result of members recommending the club to their friends and relatives. If every member invites a friend to the club we would be in a position to enter 9 new teams in the British Baseball leagues, which would be incredible. This is unrealistic to expect, but if one out of ten members invites a friend that would be a fantastic 10% growth in one weekend” said Dimitrov.