Put your questions to the panel previewing this weekend’s NBL championship on Herts Baseball TV

There will be nail-biting moments this weekend in the NBL championships (photo by Will Baxter)

We are building up to the climax of the 2013 baseball season with the National Baseball League (NBL), Under-17 and Under-14 League champions to be decided this weekend.

On Thursday night Herts Baseball TV will broadcast a panel discussion previewing the NBL championships. All four semi-finalists, Harlow Nationals, Herts Falcons, London Mets and Southampton Mustangs, will be represented on the panel.

The show will have a similar format to BBC’s popular Question Time programme. Herts Baseball TV is inviting questions from the audience for one, several or all of the panellists. Questions can cover any of the following subjects:

• the teams involved this weekend;

• the NBL regular season;

• the NBL semi-finals and final;

• the NBL as the country’s flagship baseball competition and its future;

• making British baseball better;

• Farnham Park


• Other topics of your choice

We cannot guarantee that all questions will be put to the panel, however, all questions will be considered and we will try to fit as many of them as possible.

You can submit your questions using this contact form. Please submit your question along with your name, and any affiliation (e.g. Bracknell Blazers fan etc).