Youth summer camps come to Herts for 2024

Youth summer camps come to Herts for 2024

In a year which has seen MLB return to the UK with a bang, Herts Baseball Club is thrilled to announce a new offering for our players – and for kids across British baseball.

The club will run a Summer Youth Baseball Training program at Grovehill Ballpark in Hemel Hempstead designed to cater to young players of all ages and skill levels. Sessions will take place from 23rd July to 15th August, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

The program will be divided into two levels, Beginner and Experienced, to ensure the best and safest development of all of those taking part. Please ask your coaches if you have questions about which level suits you best.

The cost is just £15 per week (the fourth week has two sessions rather than three), or £50 for all 11 sessions. We feel this is excellent value, considering the expert leadership provided by Coach Stephen and his team. It is important to us to make sure baseball is available to as many families as possible.

Experienced Players

  • Skill Level: Players with over 1 year of baseball experience.
  • Age Group: 11-16 years old
  • Time: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM (3 hours per session)
  • Training Content:
    • Advanced skill development
    • Pitcher and catcher training
    • Hitting drills and techniques
    • Physical conditioning

Beginner Players

  • Skill Level: Players with less than 1 year of baseball experience, or under 10 years old.
  • Age Group: less experienced players or under 10 years old
  • Time: 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM (2 hours per session)
  • Training Content:
    • Basic skill development
    • Introduction to catch and throw
    • Fundamental hitting drills
    • Body coordination training

(Pic: Tony Small)


Participants will need to be registered with the British Baseball Federation (BBF), the sport’s UK governing body. To do this, you must sign up through the Sport80 website. All our existing players will already have done this, but please ensure you sign up if you are new to the season.

To register for the Herts Summer Baseball Training program, please fill in the online registration form.  Ensure you select the appropriate skill level group for your child. If you have any questions, please consult your coach. Payment will be taken through the club’s Direct Debit process.

Training Content Breakdown

Individual Skill Development

  • Throwing: Techniques to improve accuracy and strength
  • Catching: Proper catching techniques and positioning
  • Fielding: Infield and outfield drills to enhance agility and reaction time

Pitcher and Catcher Training

  • Pitchers: Mechanics, control, and various pitching techniques
  • Catchers: Stance, receiving, blocking, and throw-down drills

Hitting Training

  • Beginners: Basic batting stance, swing mechanics, and tee work
  • Experienced: Advanced hitting strategies, live pitching, and situational hitting

Physical Conditioning/ Body coordination training

  • Strength Training: Age-appropriate exercises to build muscle and endurance
  • Agility Drills: Enhance speed and coordination
  • Flexibility Exercises: Stretching routines to prevent injuries
  • Body Coordination Drills

We look forward to seeing you at the Herts Baseball Club Summer Camp — and helping our young players enhance their skills and enjoy the game of baseball!