Herts Futures Tournament

Herts Futures Tournament

The 2023 Herts Futures Tournament will take place on Saturday, 30 September 2023.


The Herts Futures Tournament (HFT) was first held in 2008 and is now a permanent fixture in the British baseball calendar. It brings together youth teams of all age groups from across the country for a day of baseball at one of the best baseball venues in the United Kingdom.  Grovehill Ballpark is the home of Herts Baseball Club and over the years has hosted the national championships and international baseball events. During the Herts Futures Tournament additional diamonds are added to accommodate the different age groups.

Tournament Format

The HFT format is expected to include a number of group games and may also include finals to decide the winners, where applicable. The format will be announced closer to the event.


The full tournament schedule will be published closer to the date of the event. The first games usually start at around 10am and the event usually ends by around 5:00pm.


All games will be played at Grovehill Ballpark in Hertfordshire.


Game Balls

The game balls will be provided by the Organisers. Standard hard balls will be used in the U15 and U13 games.  U11 games will use softer rubber core baseballs for safety reasons.


The umpires will be provided by the Organisers.

Participating Teams

The following are some of the teams which have played in previous editions of the HFT:

  • Bracknell Tornadoes U17
  • Bracknell Blazers U14
  • Brentwood Bucks U14
  • Brighton U19
  • Cartmel Valley Lions (U13)
  • Cartmel Valley Tigers (U13)
  • Essex Atoms U14
  • Essex Atoms U11
  • Forest Glade Redbacks U17
  • Forest Glade Redbacks U14
  • Forest Glade Redbacks U11
  • Halton Polecats U19
  • Herts All Stars U11
  • Herts Cardinals U14
  • Herts Harriers U17
  • Herts U19
  • Horsham Hornets U17
  • Horsham Athletics U14
  • Horsham A’s U11
  • Horsham Mets U11
  • Horsham Red Sox U11
  • Hull Purple Pirates U11
  • Lakenheath Yankees U13
  • Leicester Blue Sox U14
  • London Mets U19
  • London Mets U17
  • London Mets U14
  • London Mets U11
  • LondonSports U14
  • London Sports U11
  • LYBL Bulldogs U14
  • Northampton Centurions U12
  • Northstar Polecats U17
  • Richmond U11
  • SoNo Stars U17
  • Thorns Collegiate Academy U15
  • Tonbridge Bobcats U14
  • Windsor Bears U14