School Baseball League










The Herts School Baseball League (HSBL) comprises teams from schools in Hertfordshire and North West London.The aim of the league is to introduce more boys and girls to the game. Many schools already play softball as part of their curriculum which means that they are ready to play in the HSBL. The rules of the game are kept simple to make it easy to enter this school league.The HSBL, together with BaseballSoftballUK, are also able to provide support to schools which are interested to start playing baseball and softball and to enter the schools league. Contact Herts Baseball Club for more details.

Schools simply complete a form with their game scheduling preferences (dates, times, home or away, age groups etc.) and we schedule games for you to play with other schools in the league. Schools can play as many or as few games as they like.

The scores and league standings are updated and schools can follow their progress by visiting this website. The school which finishes top of the league at the end of the season is the champion.

The league also gives students information about the opportunity to play with the Herts baseball teams in the various youth baseball leagues which are played on Saturdays. For more information about playing with the Herts baseball teams click here.

If you are a school and would like to enter the league or to receive more details, contact Herts Baseball Club.