Where will the league games be played?

League games are played at the club’s ballparks in Hemel Hempstead and in North West London. They are conveniently located within a thirty minute drive from each other.

Is the League for boys or girls or both?

Both, boys and girls, play in the League.

What is the age of the players?

The League has several divisions covering different age groups from 6 to 14 years of age. Players who are over the age of 14 move up to the Herts teams who play in the various BBF adult leagues.

How will coaches select the players for the respective teams?

The League welcomes everyone from complete beginners to advanced players.  Everyone plays and will have an important role in the team.  Children can come to an open session to try baseball before they commit for the season. The managers will select players for their teams adopting a system similar to the MLB Draft. This should ensure that all the teams are of equal strength, which should make it an exciting and close race for the playoffs.

What will the League schedule and format be?

Players start Spring Training in March and April to prepare for the new season. The League starts in May and ends in the middle of July. Each team will play around twelve games: four home single games, two home doubleheaders and two away doubleheaders. The League will minimise travel for families in order that around 75% of the season is played at the team’s nearest ballpark. Similar to MLB, teams will be in a race to qualify for the postseason playoffs which will determine the league champions.

How can my child register to play in the league?

To join the league click here.

Is there a deadline for joining the league?

No.  You can join the league at any stage of the season?

What are the costs?

Click here to view the club membership fees.

Are food and drinks sold at the league games?

Snacks and refreshments are available to buy at most of the larger game days which feature four or more teams.

What is the National Baseball Championship?

The British Baseball Federation stages the National Baseball Championships at the end of every season.  Herts Baseball Club enters teams to represent the club in the various age groups of the national championships where they compete with teams from around the United Kingdom.

What level of coaching can the players expect?

The teams are coached by coaches most of whom have either played or have coached in Great Britain, America, Japan, South Africa or other countries. In the past, the Herts youth teams have had the privilege to work with coaches of the Great Britain National Teams as well as coaches from MLB teams.

Can the parents and other family members and friends get involved?

The League encourages parents and other volunteers to get involved as team managers, coaches, umpires, scorers, event staff etc. If you are interested to play a part or would like more information please contact us

Is baseball affected by Covid restrictions?

The government approved a Covid-secure protocol for baseball games so we are hopeful that the season can be played without too many interruptions. The league follows government guidance on Covid strictly. 

I need more information.

If you require more information, please contact us.