RICHMOND RUSTLES UP 3 RUNS AGAINST HERTS' 41Falcons vs. Richmond Riverdogs: 16-2 / 25-1[ BOX SCORE 1 ][ BOX SCORE 2 ]The Riverdogs had a dog-time trying to best a merciless Falcons defense on Sunday, as starting pitchers Bruce Dullea and Louis Hare each threw five-inning slaughter-rule complete-games. For the second week in a row Falcons have forced their opponents to eek out each run. Dullea and Hare each had 7 strikeouts and allowed only two walks combined. Catcher Jason Greenberg kept the Dogs from advancing, cutting down two runners at second and another at third. Falcons pitching has surrendered only one earned run in the season.Falcons offense was unrelenting. Center-fielder Andy Cornish led the charge with two home runs and 5 RBIs. Second-baseman Kimiyoshi Saionji went 5-for-8 with 5 RBIs. Short-stop Yuji Endo snatched four steals and Greenberg contributed 6 doubles and 4 RBIs going 7-for-9 on the day. Altogether the Falcons batted .493 with 20 extra base knocks.Relief right-fielder Robert Crouch made his Falcons debut by batting 1-for-1 with a 2-run scoring double in the final inning before being tagged out at home on some ridiculous base coaching by injured bench-warmer Lee Manning.Next week sends Falcons to face the 2nd-place Milton Keynes Hurricanes (1-1).

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