Falcons vs. Shropshire Panthers: 3-10 / 11-4[ BOX SCORE 1 ][ BOX SCORE 2 ]The Falcons set out for Telford on Saturday afternoon in the team vehicles with a sense of optimism and arrogance for the next-day's double-header.An extensive training session at the Whitehouse Hotel and Fitness Centre™ the Falcons met to talk strategy in the reserved hotel lounge. Dreams of championship titles and undefeated seasons were openly declared.Despite the suprious words of injured bench-warmer Lee Manning, most teammates thought a sweep of the Panthers was inevitable. Manager Bruce Dullea retired to his suite with a bottle of red wine and a worn volume of Machivalli's greatest speeches.Some dreams have short life spans.The Shropshire Panthers leapt out of the gates Sunday scoring four runs off the stuned, and quickly-sobered Falcons. Catcher Greenberg strungled with control and allowed two runs on bad snap throws to hop past third-baseman Nicolas Goetz. Pitcher Dullea showed open frustration with the plate umpire. When asked about the strike zone, Dullea said, “It's like my forkball: nasty with LOTS of movement.” Game One left stranded most Falcons baserunners.In the break between games while the Panthers lunched, the Falcons took extra batting practice and warmed their second starter Louis Hare from the mound. Determined to turn things around, the Falcons started Game Two with three runs in the first inning. Herts improved their game both on the diamond and at the plate.

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