Since its founding in 1996, the Herts Baseball Club has been growing steadily. It is the only baseball club in Hertfordshire and has always aimed to promote the game of baseball and to provide the residents of Hertfordshire (as well as the surrounding counties and North West London) the opportunity to play this great game in friendly surroundings and to be members of a well managed sports organisation which welcomes everyone regardless of age, gender, nationality and race, etc.

Due to increasing membership, in 2005 the club formed a second team which is now competing in Division 1 of the British Baseball League alongside the first team of the Herts Baseball Club. Since its formation, the second team has been competing under the name Herts Falcons 2.

On 3 June 2007, the members of the club agreed that it is time for the second team to be given its own name to recognize the fact that it is now a fully fledged member of the British Baseball League.

After several rounds of voting, the members of the Herts Falcons Baseball Club have made a decision and the team will now be known as the Herts Hawks.

In conjunction with this, the Club is also happy to unveil the new logos which will be adopted by the Herts Falcons and the Herts Hawks.

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