[ BOX SCORE ]Scheduled starter Peter Kikel had to be pulled out of the game 15 minutes before the start with recurring shoulder problems. In his place starting pitcher, Aspi Dimitrov struggled in the opening 3 innings giving the visitors a 7-0 lead. The frustration was evident with the two teams coming close to a physical confrontation but some timely diplomatic manoeuvres by Larry Martillo from the Herts Hawks’ bench prevented any blows being exchanged. Despite settling down over the next two innings, Dimitrov, left the game in the 6th inning with the bases loaded and no outs. In came team ace, Larry Martillo to pull the Hawks out of a very tricky situation.With Martillo shutting down the Hurricanes’ offence, the Hawks started to work with their bats. Carlos Casal and Ross Davies led the charge scoring 4 runs on their own. They were supported by some clutch hits by Tim Elkins (1-1), Kal Dimitrov (2 RBIs), Jake Kikel (2-3 1B 2B), and Jonathon Lewys (1-2 RBI).These late heroics were not enough with the Herts Hawks losing 5-10 at the end.

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