Herts Baseball Club has taken the initiative to introduce a new event to the British baseball calendar – the Herts Spring League (HSL).  The club hopes that this would become an annual competition similar to the Grapefruit and Cactus Leagues in America.  HSL would provide a competitive edge to spring training as clubs count down to Opening Day and hopefully will enhance the enjoyment of all participants.


12 teams will be placed in two divisions of six teams (HSL1 and HSL2) based on the teams’ ranking going into the new season.  HSL1 is expected to include BBF teams from the National and Premier Leagues, while HSL2 will have teams from Division 1 and Division 2.


The 12 invited teams will be from the BBF Southern Conference with emphasis on London and the surrounding areas. 


The league will be played over three Sundays: 30 March, 6 April and 13 April (based on the assumption that 2008 BBF League Opening Day will be Sunday, 20 or 27 April 2008).


On each of these dates three teams will meet at the same venue and will play two games (one game against each of the other two teams).  The games will be either 7 innings or 2 hours and 30 minutes, whichever occurs first.


Stay tuned to the Herts Newswire for confirmation of the HSL team line-up, game schedule and other details.

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