After weeks of training it was time for the Falcons to put on the Falcons jersey for their first Spring Training game in preparation for the 2008 season.  The Nottingham Thieves were the visitors and they certainly came out to play.  They took an early lead and the Falcons found it hard to catch up all day.  It may have been a friendly exhibition game but there was tension in the air from start to finish.  Nottingham’s two hard throwing pitchers appeared to have good control and yet managed to hit 6 batters.  This was the first time the two teams meet so there certainly couldn’t have been any previous history between the players.  Maybe it was just the excitement of baseball coming back after the long winter break.  Whatever the reason, the Falcons were clearly unhappy to lose the game.  Before the start of the game Falcons manager, Jason Greenberg, underlined that the final score is not the main objective but rather wanted to focus players’ minds on baseball fundamentals and teamwork, but the loss was too painful to accept nonetheless.


The game certainly revealed weaknesses which the Falcons will no doubt be addressing in the coming weeks ahead of the 2008 Opening Day. 


A big concern is the condition of last season’s joint Home Run Champion, Andy Cornish, who appeared to have dislocated his shoulder in a spectacular diving play at short stop.  Early reports indicate that there is no fracture which will come as great relief for all connected with the club.  No doubt everyone is holding their breath awaiting further news.


Regardless of the fact that the visitors from Nottingham played with aluminium bats, this loss has certainly left a bad taste in the mouth and the team will be keen to get back on the field to put the record straight. 


Despite the loss there were positives to take out of the game.  Pete Kikel had a very good outing on the mound showing good control and velocity, while Kimiyoshi Saionji, Lee Manning and Marty Cullen were swinging the bat well.


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