I’d already made a fielding error earlier inthe game which had cost us the lead. It’s funny, when you’re a rookie the onlyperson who seems to get particularly annoyed with your mistakes and errors isyourself. That or your team mates probably don’t let on that you’re now theirleast favourite guy on the team. I was pretty down after bobbling that basicground ball to second, though, which is silly since you’re only more likely todo it again if you aren’t focusing completely on the next play. It had been adouble play situation and the runner was bearing down to my left, the ball wasin front of me and took a bad hop at the last second (on the dodgy grass I feelinclined to add)… so we got no outs on the play and the runner scored fromthird. In practice it’s a lot different. You only have to really focus onmaking the play and imagine that there is a runner; the game is totallydifferent though as that runner will try to get in your way or distract you. Laterin the game, though, I drove in the tie breaking RBI, redeeming my errorinstantly clearing me of my guilt- baseball is odd like that. Your mood canchange from inning to inning, pitch to pitch.

I thought it might be nice to start the blogwith that short story. I’m not going to pretend like it was a particularlyimportant RBI since we beat the Sidewinders 12-3, or a particularly good hiteither- but every little helps when you’re developing as a player. Anyway, as Ialready said, this will be a blog- but unlike Bruce’s and Marty’s. It won’tdeal with issues in the sport or really even talk about the mlb, it’s going tofocus on what it’s like to be a rookie in the club. The trials andtribulations, the ups and downs. So, hopefully, any new guys joining the club will be able to relate to this blog and realise that they are not alone in any mistakes they  make.

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