This high-scoring victory meant that the Sidewinders had a 100% winning record and the only team that had a chance to overtake them in the HSL2 standings were the Bracknell Blazers.  They played in the second game of the day and met the Herts Hawks.  The Blazers once again had packed their lineup with members of their National League team.  The 85mph+ pitching kept the Hawks off the bases.  The Hawks who will be playing two tiers below the National League in 2008 can be very proud in the knowledge that the did not give up against a formidable opponent and in effect prevented the Blazers from winning the title by holding their lead to single digits.  Hawks starter Louis Hare was certainly a key reason for with a solid pitching performance supported by a strong defence in the face of a powerful batting lineup.


The Blazers ended their HSL campaign with a 100% record (2-0) but critically their run differential was lower than that of the Sidewinders by 7 runs.




The final game of the 2008 Herts Spring League was a dramatic match up between the Richmond Dragons and the Herts Hawks.  An early 3-run lead for the visitors from Richmond did not last long as Herts Hall of Famer, Stuart Boast, delivered a crushing 3-run homerun.  The Hawks were playing their second game of the day with a severely depleted squad and a shortage of fresh arms.  Richmond took a full advantage and won the game 10-9.

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