Last Sunday’s win, the first in Raptor history, was thebest I’d seen us play as a team. Everything was rolling along really. Pitching,Jake was awesome, defence, was awesome despite the rough infield which caused anumber of bad hops and the offence, which has put up 19 runs or more in thelast two games.

On a personal level it was another successful game,probably my best of the young season. It was the first time I’d really beentested in regards to working the count- before all I was looking for were hitsregardless of the count- but on Sunday I was forced to work really hard for twoof my walks. Both times I fell behind in the count 0-2 and managed to draw awalk, by fouling pitches off and taking some borderline calls. That wasprobably the part of my game on Sunday I was happiest about, or felt thebiggest improvement in, since it is very easy to just give up in anunfavourable count.

Defensively, despite being errorless in the season sincebecoming a second baseman, I have to improve. It seems at training everybodyhas their opinion on what needs fixing mechanically, which is fine since I wantto be the best I can be, but a lot of information I get can be conflicting soit’s hard to sort it all out mentally. Luckily last Wednesday I was fortunate enoughto observe Kimi as he trained with me at second- so hopefully some of hisfielding, well general baseball, magic rubbed off on me.

Also, since the scoring machine has been broken for thelast two games I kept track of what I’ve done this season in case anybody isinterested.

GP    AB    H    AVG    R    2B    3B    HR    RBI    BB    SB    K    OBP    SLG
3       15      9  .600   7     2       1     0       5       3       7      2     .667     .867

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