After playing in the BBF leagues for over 10 years I thought I would do a first 1/3 of the season report on would I think each team will do over the next 1/3.



The Falcons have had an amazing start to the 2008 league, going 7 wins and 1 loss. The one loss was against the London Metros and it was a painful one but the Falcons quickly got back to winning ways with a 3-2 victory in the second game of the double-header. The Falcons have won 7 of there games with great pitching, solid fielding and some nice timely hits.  Only 4 or 5 players can be happy with their hitting and if the law of averages is applied in this case then a lot of players are expected to hit a hot streak later in the season. So far the players have worked very hard and have made a great jump on improving every part of their game. I strongly believe that this team will still be at the top of the table after the next 8 games and will get their own back by sweeping the Metros at their field later this year.



The Hawks have not been playing at full potential yet but I feel a winning streak is right around the corner. The Hawks have had some tough losses to the Knights, Sidewinders and the Sharks in the last three weeks. With Hare and Oliver on mound duty they should start picking up some big wins. They have great fielding and some very good hitters but it’s time to pull it together and help the cause. Carlos has had a hard start trying to pick which players to play where but I think he’s heading the right way. They are working hard and the gel is starting to set and the hits are coming. I think that the Hawks will be in the top two after there next 4 games and will start to show the league the talent which Herts Baseball Club in all its teams.  This is a winning team that will be playing AAA next year. Come on boys we are all behind you”.



The Raptors got their first win last weekend and will feel on top of the world and rightly so. I know that for a lot of them this is their first season playing and that they will find the game a far reach for the MLB’s game they have been watching but stay with it and it will come. Jake has been around the game and knows how to coach.  His son Pete is a good example of this. He will help the players grow and move up to the Hawks when ready. The league they are in is not as easy as it looks at first sight. With all the other teams being in the BBF leagues for a few years and the old timers who I think could do well in the AAA Division. The main thing about this team is that almost everyone is in the same boat as rookies with a few veterans thrown in. I remember when I first joined the Falcons 11 years ago when we were in the old Division 2 and we would be lucky to win 4 games a year. Every year we all got better and started to move up the leagues. I think these boys’s will do the same. I think the Raptors will win a few more games this season and should be aiming for a .500 winning percentage.


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