Late last night medical reports confirmed that Falcons pitcher and infielder, Pete Kikel has fractured a bone on his ankle.

The incident occured during Sunday’s exhibition game against the Sidewinders.  Attempting to steal second base, Kikel jammed his foot on the base and rolled over it.  Although Pete Kikel did not want to reveal the extent of the injury and even wanted to try to continue playing the game, the diagnosis from the doctors confirmed that there has been a bone fracture.  Kikel is expected to be out of for the rest of the 2008 campaign.  This is  a major blow for the Falcons, especially as they were gearing up for the game of the season so far against their direct rivals for top spot, the London Metros.

The one positive news is that the medical procedure has proved to be very successful and the bone has been placed in its proper position which will allow for a natural knitting of the bone.  Pete Kikel will have to stay in a cast for the time being.

Get well soon Pete.

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