This Saturday the Herts Little League takes a break from league action as two Hertfordshire All-Star teams travel to Coventry for the British PlayBall World Series.  This event brings together the best baseball youth teams from around the country every year.  Teams as far away as Exeter and Sunderland will all be heading to Coventry.  It is organised by BSUK in association with MLB and sponsored by Frubes. 


This is the first opportunity for the Herts players to play against teams outside the county and it will be very interesting to see whether they will manage to compete against some well established youth baseball clubs such as the Horsham Little League which was created 3 years ahead of the Herts Little League.


The two Herts teams have been allocated names of MLB franchises – the Herts Red Sox and the Herts Indians.  In the group stages the Herts Red Sox have been drawn together with the Nottingham Pirates and the Sunderland Giants, while the Herts Indians will face the Windsor Astros and the Gloucester Orioles.


After the group stage the teams then move to the semi-finals and then the finals, but a top finish in the group will be critical if the teams are to challenge for the World Series title.


The event will also include the Pitch, Hit & Run contest as well as the Home Run Derby.


This year’s venue for the PlayBall World Series will beWoodlands School, Broad Lane, Coventry, CV5 7FF.  For more details write to baseball@hertsbaseball.com

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