Great Britain Senior National Baseball Team at the Viladecans Baseball Stadium, Barcelona, September 2007


Herts Baseball Club is pleased to announce that the Great Britain National Baseball Programme has chosen Hertfordshire to host a special GB trial opportunity on Saturday, 19 July 2008, which will consist of two games between the GB Junior National Baseball Team (as they enter the final and crucial stage of their preparation for the 2008 European Championships qualifier) and a team consisting of current and would-be members of the GB Senior National Baseball Team. This is the first ever GB Baseball trial to be staged in Hertfordshire and is a wonderful opportunity for baseball fans in and around the county to come and see some of Great Britain’s current and future baseball stars in action.

One or two players from the GB team which famously won the Silver Medal at the 2007 European Championships in Barcelona last year will join other current GB team members taking part in this event. Brian Essery (currently of the London Mets) is scheduled to play, and it is expected that Ian Young (ex-Windsor Bears) will also be able to attend.  Essery is a former professional pitcher and he was GB's #1 starter during the 2007 European Championships, while Young made the EC All-Tourney team as a First Baseman.  Young was also the tourney's leading hitter in the 2005 EC. Essery, Young, and other current members of the GB Senior National Baseball Team will be joined by UK-based National League and AAA League players for whom this event is serving as a trial opportunity.

Around 20 trialists are expected to take part in these exhibition games and they come from 9 British Baseball League teams.  Among them will be two Herts players who will be hoping to impress the GB staff and receive an official call-up to the GB squad. They are 23 year old Andy Cornish from Hemel Hempstead, who is the Joint 2007 Home Run Champion, and outfielder, Dan Kerry from St. Albans, who is the current Herts Home Run leader. Both have been central to the success of the Herts Falcons team that currently leads the British AAA league with an amazing 15-3 record.
Their invitation to participate in the trial is a tremendous boost for the club and proof that the opportunity is there for youth and adult Herts players to progress and possibly play for their country. The future stars of Herts Baseball Club who are currently playing in the Herts Little League will be on hand to witness this for themselves.
The day’s activities will start with a clinic for the Herts Little League to be run by, GB Programme Coaches, followed by the scheduled Little League games.

 Event Schedule:

9:30 – 10:30 – Herts Baseball Little League Clinic run by Great Britain National Baseball Programme Coaches

10:30 – 1:00 – Herts Baseball Little League (Yankees @ Red Sox, Blue Jays @ Cubs, Cubs @ Yankees, Red Sox @ Blue Jays)
1:30pm – GB Junior National Baseball Team vs GB Seniors Trialists (Game 1)
3:30pm – GB Junior National Baseball Team vs GB Seniors Trialists (Game 2)
This event is open to the general public and we invite all baseball fans to attendwhat is a very rare opportunity to see some of Great Britain’s Baseball stars right here in Hertfordshire. Admission is free and traditional baseball snacks and drinks will be available to buy at the Ballpark (all profits from these sales will go towards the club’s project to develop a second baseball diamond at Grovehill Ballpark).  
Directions to Grovehill Ballpark 

If you require additional details please contact us:
 Herts Baseball Club welcomes new players (from complete beginners to professionals) for both the adult league teams and the Little League, so if you are interested in giving baseball a try please contact us.

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