The organisers of the International London Tournament have confirmed this weekend's schedule.  Herts Hawks have to overcome old rivals Brentwood and Croydon while the Falcons have been drawn with France, GB Cadets and Northampton.  Looking ahead to Sunday, if both Herts teams win their respective groups they will clash against each other in the Winners' Group on Sunday.  Yes, that's right a Hertfordshire derby in Croydon.

Here is Saturday's game schedule:

Group 1

10:00    11:45                GB Juniors v. Meteors           

12:00    13:45                Richmond v. Essex  

14:15    16:00                Meteors v. Richmond

16:15    18:00                Essex v. GB Juniors

(Group 1 the top 3 placed teams progress to the Winners Group)


Group 2

10:00    11:45                GB Cadets v. France

12:00    13:45                Northampton v. Herts Falcons

14:15    16:00                France v. Northampton             

16:15    18:00                Herts Falcons v. GB Cadets

(Group 2 the 1st & 2nd placed teams progress to the Winners Group)


Group 3

10:00    11:45                Uni All Stars v. Southampton                

12:00    13:45                Medway v. Uni All Stars                 

14:15    16:00                Southampton v. Sidewinders                  

16:15    18:00                Sidewinders v. Medway                       

(Group 3 the 1st & 2nd placed teams progress to the Winners Group)


Group 4

11:00    12:45                Pirates v. Brentwood

13:00    14:45                Brentwood v. Herts Hawks

15:15    17:00                Herts Hawks v. Pirates

(Group 4 the 1st placed team only progresses to the Winners Group)


All games are 1hr 45 min duration or 7 innings.  All teams will play games on Sunday, as well.  Depending on the outcome of Saturday's games, two groups are formed – a Winners Group and a secondary pool of teams that will compete for the Frank Brady Cup.  Everyone team will play at least four games of baseball in two days – and that doesn't include a potential championship game.


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