The British Baseball Federation has issued a press release confirming that the planned Youth Wild Card Playoffs involving teams from the Herts, Horsham and Plymouth Little Leagues have been cancelled.  This comes as a big disappointment for everyone connected with the Herts Little League as everyone was looking forward to this opportunity to go head-to-head with the best teams from around the country. 

The Herts Little League Commissioners are considering options for the staging of alternative events and the Herts Baseball Newswire will keep you informed about any further news.

The following is the official press release from the British Baseball Federation.

Baseball Youth Final 4s Playoffs CANCELLED

The Baseball Youth Playoffs previously scheduled for September 6 & 7 have been CANCELLED. The decision was taken for a number of practical reasons. The Youth Final 4s will still take place on September 13 & 14 at Cartmel Valley in the Lake District.

The September 6 & 7 date was the only realistic one available but threw up clashes for the GB Juvenile Tour and for Pony age players who would then be unavailable to in the National Baseball Championships with their senior teams.

It was not possible to move the playoffs earlier in the season as scheduled games are planned. At this stage the BBF was unable to make the planning and logistical arrangements for a good quality event for young players, coaches and families.

The BBF apologises to those clubs and participants who had expected to take part in the qualifiers on route to the Final 4s. The Final 4s revert to its most recent format. In both Pony (Under 16) and Bronco (Under 13) brackets the first and second placed regular season teams, both north and south, will make the four teams. Eight teams in total will make the trip to Cartmel Valley, four in each bracket.

Looking ahead, the planned introduction of the new Little League structure for 2009 will be an exciting development within the youth baseball community. It will bring together all those who work for the promotion and enjoyment of the youth game and enable a broader base of post season activities for participants.

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