(Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire)  In a surprise move, Black Widows Manager Marty Cullen spent both his remaining trade waivers on free agents Arnold Longboy and Mr. Ariga.  Following Thursday night's exciting live draft, the Widows and the Blue Dogs were shorted two critical final round picks and acquired two draft waivers.  Waivers are used to sign free agents, or to initiate an unbalanced trade (e.g., one player for two prospects).  Saturday's surprise move leaves the Widows with no trade flexibility before Sunday's first round, while patient Dogs manager Tim Elkins stands alone with unspent waivers, and could surprise the league with an eleventh-hour trade.

Arnold Longboy and Mr. Ariga – the enigmatic Japanese superstar who goes only by one name, like Hall of Famer Ichiro – are both highly-prized Herts Little League parents.  As fathers to Zach Longboy and Mikito and Yuki Ariga, respectively, talent obviously runs in the family.  Nevertheless, their positional and athletic abilities are yet to be determined, and Hunlock Series insiders are curious whether Cullen's move will prove impressively prescient or highly risky.  Only Sunday's first round qualifier results can say.

In a related development, Black Widows Carlos Casal and Louis Hare will arrive late to Sunday's Hunlock games, and are likely to miss the early action at Grovehill.  Casal and Hare hope to be on-hand to push the Widows through the later stages of Sunday's showdown with the threatening Red Roosters.

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