In a flurry of Friday afternoon action, several players exchanged hands midway through the 2008 Kyle Hunlock Series.

Rookies Jack Moon (Red Roosters), Reagan Wood (Blue Dogs) and Ebow Halm-Quashie (Black Widows) were picked up on waivers.  They will join their benches for the first time on Sunday.

Widows Manager Marty Cullen kept up the pace, today, trading RBI-machine Jamie Munn to the Blue Dogs for a waiver option.  Cullen still looks to spend his waiver before Sunday – time is not on his side as this weekend's sudden-death qualifiers approach.

The unofficial rumour mill reports some hefty trade proposals have been quashed at the last moment, including a straight up swap of Widow Aspi Dimitrov for either Rooster Andy Cornish or Jason Greenberg.  No trades have been announced, but such negotiations are prone to delays due to a disputed contract clause or a shaky player physical.

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