For many clubs around the country AGMs are usually held in January or February just a few weeks before the start of the season, but in the last two years Herts has decided to bring it forward by three months in order for the elected officers to commence their work and to better utilize the off-season period.  On Sunday, members of Herts Baseball Club gathered at the SportsSpace Centre in Hemel Hempstead for their 12th Annual General Meeting.   The 2008 Executive Board had an opportunity to report on the club’s progress and achievements in the last 12 months, which undoubtedly has been the club’s best season ever, on and off the field.


Herts successfully implemented the expansion into a club with three adult and four youth teams.  Its AAA team, the Falcons became the 2008 British AAA National Champion.  The Little League teams have already won a trophy and have performed very well against the best youth teams in the country.  The Club is an organiser of large events at national and regional level, from the Herts Little League and the Herts Spring League to the Herts Futures Tournament.


There are many more objectives which the club has set for 2009 including the completion of the Grovehill Ballpark project; further growth of the Herts Little League, adopting better coaching techniques, establishing stronger relationship with local schools.  The Club must also transfer the successful structure at AAA level to the other teams in the adult programme.


Over the years the Club has been very fortunate to have very hard-working, dedicated and creative people elected as club officers and on Sunday the members elected another very strong team of Club officers for 2009.  It is a very strong combination of old and new officers which ensures that continuity is maintained while injecting new energy into the organisation. 





Aspi Dimitrov, Secretary / President

Paul Auchterlounie, Treasurer

Jason Greenberg, First Team Manager

(vacant), Second Team Manager

Andrew Slater, Third Team Manager

Marty Cullen, Little League Commissioner



Jason Greenberg, Webmaster

Jo Smith, Fundraising Manager

Nic Goetz, Sponsorship Manager

Greg Bochan, Statistics Officer


The Second Team Manager position was left vacant.  The Club will be communicating with potential candidates in order to fill this position.

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