With the weather bringing the United Kingdom to a standstill, the top story on every TV and radio station is the snow.  The global social messaging site is reporting that messages about the snow in Southern England are outpacing messages about Barack Obama as well as last night’s exciting Super Bowl game.


The heaviest snowfall in 20 years coincides with the Herts adult players returning to the diamond this weekend as Spring training moves outdoors after weeks of indoor training. 


The snow may have brought chaos and may scupper many sporting events this week, but has given a once-in-twenty-years opportunity for the whole country to actively get involved in practicing baseball.  Snowball fights involve many of the skills required in baseball.  The streets of Southern England are packed with children and adults who couldn’t get to school and work this morning so have chosen to have a snowball fight instead.  There are some very strong and accurate arms out there and not many people in the UK know that they have a hidden talent which could make them a superstar in the British Baseball League.  Herts officials have asked several of their coaches to go out in the snow with their radar guns and scout for the players that will bring the British title to Hertfordshire.  Herts baseball Club Secretary, Aspi Dimitrov, said: “When you see any undiscovered baseball players out there make sure to give them the website address of Herts Baseball Club.“


More snow is forecast for the next few days and the four Herts managers will undoubtedly be keeping a close eye on conditions before deciding whether the first outdoor session of 2009 will proceed as planned. 


Herts Baseball Club has issued a statement advising newcomers who are planning to attend this weekend’s first session to contact the Club via the official website for more details.  Contacting the Club in advance will allow club officials to add the email addresses of new recruits to the club’s mailing list and will be able to advise them about this week’s training and future training sessions coming up this Spring.


The new wave of players joining the club at the start of every season will play a key role as Herts Baseball prepares for expansion into four teams competing at all four league levels of British baseball, from the National League to the Single-A League.  The Club has many positions to fill in its four rosters which offers an opportunity to baseball players of all abilities to come and play, from complete beginners to experienced players.

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