The interest in the game of baseball in the UK is increasing and so is the media coverage of the sport.  During Colin Murray's show on BBC Radio Five Live on Wednesday, a panel of American sports experts analysed baseball and other American Sports and the development of these sports in the UK.

Obviously, British baseball fans are sad that the 12 years of MLB and British Baseball coverage on Channel Five has ended this season, but, who knows, maybe our favorite baseball presenters, Jonny Gould, Josh Chetwynd, Dave Lengel, Erik Janssen and the crew will be back on our screens soon.  Maybe even on one of the BBC channels.

To listen to Wednesday's programme on BBC Radio Five Live click here and scroll 2 hours and 26 minutes into the show to hear the segment on baseball and other American sports in the UK.  This broadcast can be played only over the next 7 days (until 15 April).

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