This was my first game of the season so there were lots of firsts – the first satisfying out; the first frustrating error; the first hit; the first walk. And I was on first base, too. It's almost poetic isn't it?

The first out came quickly, in the top of the first inning, a ground ball slower than I originally judged, so it didn't have the momentum it needed to jump into my glove. Therefore I juggled it before running to first and stepping on the bag. Not smooth, but an out nonetheless. The key mistake came late in the game. First is an unforgiving position — great to be involved so often, but the out is considered routine, the easy play, and you have to make it. When it would have really helped us to beat the runner, I let a low throw from the shortstop slip out of my glove, when I might've done better to have scooped it up. You learn. Well, let's hope.

Overall there were bright spots for the team. Our inexperience showed but there were few howlers, if any, and there is heart in abundance. We lost by what the Americans would call “a football score” but it could all have been so different. I am up and running, with a mix of good and bad on the report card.


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