The Herts Yankees have a commanding lead in the Herts Baseball Little League after 8 games into the season. They were the only team to pick up two wins this weekend and find themselves 2 games ahead of the pack.  Their wins came against the Red Sox and the Cubs. 


The Cubs managed to end a 4-game losing streak later in the day with a 9-3 win against the Blue Jays.  The Blue Jays and Cubs find themselves at the bottom of the league, but still very much within touching distance of the leaders.


This week saw the first home runs being hit out of the park this season.  Lewis Paterson and Liam Green each hit the ball over the outfield wall.


In the Minors, the Giants and the Cardinals split the double-header 3-11 and 10-9.


The team’s players of the week were Liam Green (Red Sox), Marty Cullen Jr (Yankees), Aaron Witter (Blue Jays), Alex Ringrose (Cubs), Chloe Strange (Cardinals), Lewis Auchterlounie (Giants).


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