It's Thursday. The sun is shining, sporadically. The rain is falling, intermittently. It's the time of the week when you start to get unnaturally nervous about the weather. It's especially true for me this week as I have taken the day off from work on Sunday just so I can play for the Raptors against Southampton. A rainout would be doubly annoying. And in the context of the weather we have had this year, it might even be considered trebly annoying. When I started the blog I joked that there would be a bit about the weather in it, because it normally plays quite a role in any British summer sport. But for the most part this year has been glorious. Even on occasions when we thought it would rain, it didn't, and one game — against Guildford I think — was sunny against all odds.

I don't know what is considered the “perfect weather” for baseball. I remember some absolute scorchers, many of them against Richmond for some reason, but is that really the best? It is certainly good for your suntan, but four hours on a baking field in long pants and a heavy shirt is not ideal.  We got through about four litres of water each at one of those Richmond games. And after one in Essex I had to drive home round the M25 and then go to work and do a night shift. However, don't think I am arguing in favour of the cold and wet option. I may be British to the core, but I'm not that daft.

Whatever happens on Sunday, let's just hope it's playable. Or I might sulk. Again.

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