I have written several times about the feelings that build up in the days before a game. This week is the same, and yet somehow different. This will be the Raptors' last regular season game, possibly our final competitive game as a unit. That is exciting — especially as a win would leave us with a .500 record for the season. But I am also in denial about it. Each time the game bubbles to the surface of my brain, it is quickly buried again as I try to pretend it is not really happening. This will be another year over. Already. It has gone so quickly and has been even more frustrating than usual for me. Even if a win does indeed put us into post-season competition — which would be an extraordinary achievement — I can't take part in the those playoffs because of other commitments.

So if the season really, really, really has to end on Sunday, here's hoping for a great game. Go Raptors!


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