The third annual Kyle Hunlock Series begins in just five days.  This special, intra-club event is named for fallen Falcon #36 and is when Herts Baseball Club members reunite after the regular season to enjoy some friendly (yet competitive) postseason baseball at Grovehill.

Like last year, the 2009 Hunlock Series will set aside the established regular season rosters.  Instead, three new managers will draft three new teams from all available Herts players.  The Red Roosters, Blue Dogs and Black Widows will be comprised of Raptors, Hawks, Eagles and Falcons.  During the live online draft this week (Thursday 17 September, 8pm) the managers must make shrewd selections when stacking their bench with pitchers, catchers, position players and sluggers.

Get online this Thursday around 7.45pm and tune-in to the Herts Baseball Internet Radio station.  You will be able to enjoy commentary from the Voice of Herts Baseball – Marty Cullen – hear live interviews with the Team Managers and potential superstars, and follow each draft pick as it happens… including your own!

The Falcons, Eagles, Hawks and Raptors managers put their heads together and selected some standouts from the 2009 season to skipper our three Hunlock teams: the Red Roosters, Blue Dogs and Black Widows.

Returning to manage the Red Roosters is the 2008 Hunlock Series Champion manager Hunter Devine.  Hunter's cutthroat drafting style and never-give-up leadership prowess led to a walk-off victory for the Roosters last year over the Widows.  Hunter was the 2008 Raptors MVP, and in 2009 he batted .750 for the Raptors, .300 for the Hawks (with a double and a triple) and stole 11 of 12 attempted bases.  Hunter is the incumbent, and his opponents will have to work hard to keep him down… and off the 2010 Hunlock managerial staff!

Herts rookie Matt Johnston has the honour of commanding the Black Widows.  Matt – while new to baseball and to the Club in 2009 – spent time with both the Raptors and Hawks this year, and even had an appearance with the AAA Eagles.  Matt's do-or-die attitude pushed his teammates to excel.  He is most certainly the wild card manager in the '09 Hunlock… more of a dark horse than a black widow, perhaps.

Managing the Blue Dogs is #7 Andrew Cornish.  Andy – a critical member of the Falcons squad, as slugger, catcher and outfielder – spent a good part of the '09 season on the disabled list.  Nevertheless, he was always by his teammates' side lending support, and was entrusted as stand-in manager for a couple weeks of the regular season, as well.  With his baseball knowledge and experience, Andy may well be the manager to beat in this year's Hunlock.

Thu. 18 Sept, 8pm      LIVE ONLINE DRAFT
Sun. 21 Sept, 10am    ROUND 1 GAMES (7-innings)
Sun. 28 Sept, 10am    ROUND 2 GAMES (7-innings)
Thu. 02 Oct, 8pm        LIVE ONLINE RE-DRAFT
Sun. 05 Oct, 10am      HUNLOCK CHAMPIONSHIP GAME (9-innings)

The series format is straightforward.  Three teams will face each other twice, with one finalist advancing straight to the Championship Game.  The 2nd and 3rd place squads will play a single semi final to see who advances to the Final. 


In the coming days this site will be updated with draft details, team rosters, game results and Series standings.  You will already find the Series schedule and rules, including game rules and draft/trade regulations.

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