I went 0-4 at the plate, with two strikeouts. In the field, I muffed one of only two chances which came my way. And yet I enjoyed the whole thing immensely.

This was the Kyle Hunlock series, the tournament which pits all the members of the Herts Baseball Club against one another in a post-season celebration of the game we all love. It has gone from strength to strength since it was conceived as a tribute for our former team-mate, and thanks must go to the Commissioner, the managers and everyone else who made this year's event such fun. Crowds of players thronged the sidelines, many with families in tow, and the sun once again shone brightly.

My own performance on the field was pretty limp – neatly picking up a grounder then ballooning the throw over the first baseman's head; and being struck out twice (yes, twice!) by Marty's high heat. But this was a time when I simply didn't mind. The spirit of the event was greater than any individual failing. From my vantage point on the bench, I got some nice photos (which I recommend you check out on Flickr), topped up my suntan, and gently mocked my Raptors team-mates. Perhaps this was the perfect combination of being a player and a fan.

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