For the first time in the club's 13 year history Herts Baseball Club members have been praying for rain. 

Since the start of September this part of the world had not seen any rain at all.  This was very good for the Club's events in September and October such as the Herts Futures Tournament and the Kyle Hunlock Series, but it was not helping the growth of the newly planted grass seeds on the second diamond which Herts is creating.

Thankfully, just 24 hours after the last Herts event of the year, the rain came.  Members of the club who have not visited Grovehill Ballpark in the last few weeks would be pleased to learn that the first blades of grass appeared last week. 

Click here for more images of the new grass taken this weekend.

The lack of rain may result in the unveiling of the brand new second diamond taking place two or three weeks after Opening Day of the 2010 British Baseball season, which was the original target date.


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