Much has been written over the past couple of weeks aboutthe excitement of Spring Training, as Major League players turn out in theFlorida and Arizona sunshine to renew their love affair with baseball. Thepossibilities seem limitless, the season ahead always looks bright andpromising.  But to enjoy all of that youhave to be able to play the game!!  Forthe Herts club, another week's training has been defeated by the bad weather,the second in a row. After a pretty successful pre-pre-season in the gym and onhard courts, the return to the grassy diamond has been something of a bust. Allwhen it seemed tantalisingly close. 

Like many Herts players I have to get my fix where I can. In this instance, asseen in this grainy photo, it was at work, in the middle of a night shift,throwing the ball against a handy wall. Not textbook training, perhaps, but thenext best thing if the weather doesn't want to co-operate. As long as you canput up with the odd curious security guard, and rats chasing each other aroundthe nearby bins, it's a great location.  No, really, it is.

To add insult to inconvenience, the day outside is clear and sunny as I writethis. That's no use now! We need the right weather at the right time. Lastseason we had good luck all summer. Let’s hope the recent burst of bad weatheris the storm before the calm.

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