The opening of the 2010 National Baseball League season will be covered extensively this weekend by BBC Radio London, who will do live interviews with players and managers during the station's Sunday Sports Show from 2.00-6.00 pm on Sunday, April 18.  
The station will put in calls to NBL teams as doubleheaders are ending at Finsbury Park (Bracknell Blazers at London Mets), Croydon (Richmond Flames at Croydon Pirates), Waltham Abbey (Mildenhall Bulldogs at Essex Arrows) and Grovehill Ballpark (Southampton Mustangs at Herts Falcons), and will carry out post-game interviews on how the games went and how the teams are feeling about their prospects for the season.

A day earlier, on Saturday, April 17, BBC 3 Counties Radio will conduct an interview with Herts Falcons Manager Jason Greenberg around 5.30 pm to preview the new NBL season.

The coverage is part of an ongoing initiative between the BBF and the BBC that should result in good publicity for British baseball as a whole and the NBL clubs in particular.

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