Before I post anything more considered and coherent, I just want to say two things.

One, the Raptors put in a great performance in an extraordinary game yesterday. It was heart-breaking to lose but everyone there knows the team hit better than ever, fielded better than ever and — above all — competed  better than ever. The game was every bit the equal of last year's marathons against the Marauders. The players involved should pat themselves on the backs. And, of course, aim to go one better next time!

Second, the club as a whole should be proud to have opened up the second diamond this weekend. Big thanks go to Aspi, Marty, Jason, Tim and everyone who has worked on the project. To guys like Lee, and John who have been with Herts for about a hundred years and helped make it what it is. Yesterday was a fantastic day, with sunshine, music and cheering fans, and I understand we had lots of new kids at the Little League on Saturday. Fantastic job all round.


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