Report by Herts Little League Correspondent, Tracey Manning


The Herts All Stars welcomed the Bracknell Blazers to sunny Grovehill Ballpark for a double header in the next round of games which count towards the seeding for the 2010 National Championships.

Game One

Blazers batting first, Herts kept the opposition from any runs in the first innings. Herts on the other hand took the lead and stayed there. Power hitter Marty Cullen Jr didn’t disappoint. Starting pitcher Zack Longboy did his share to keep the Blazers from getting any runs early on. Carlos Casal Jr cam through with a big hit for an inside the park home run in the 2nd inning. Herts worked well as a team with some precise fielding picking up a win with a final score of 10-2.



Game Two

With the heat rising on the hottest day of the year so far, both teams had a quick soaking from the hose from coach Carlos Casal Senior and everyone was ready to play ball again. On the mound Kyle Lloyd-Jones recorded several strikeouts. Lewis Green got an assist after a throw all the way from right field. He stopped a ground ball and threw home where catcher Kieran Manning was ready to receive the ball and apply the tag on the incoming runner. Herts took the lead from the start and this is where they stayed. Michael Davis and Gus Beedell were consistently getting on base while Charlie Mayhew hit an inside the park home run. Every team member from Herts had a part to play in another 10-2 win for Herts.


More photos by Ward Davis from the Herts vs Bracknell game


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