The clock has struck midnight and 2011 has arrived, but more importantly, this means that Spring Training for baseball clubs across the country is just around the corner.  New Year’s resolutions for those involved in British baseball are far from run-of-the-mill. A call-up to the first team, better batting average, becoming the first choice shortstop or securing a spot in the team’s pitching rotation are just some of the targets which players set for themselves ahead of the new season.  Coaches also have baseball on their mind.  They hope to discover a new talent or pick up that key player who will make the difference and turn a struggling team into an unbeatable machine.


Herts’ adult teams will go into the new year after a difficult 2010 season.  The club’s four adult teams had a combined record of 33 wins and 50 losses (W-L% .398). Only the Seattle Mariners (.377) and the Pittsburgh Pirates (.352) had a worse record.


Every new season is different but for Herts Baseball Club one thing remains unchanged – throughout its history the Herts youth and adult teams have never gone into a new season as the favourites.  They have always been the underdogs.  2011 will be no different, even for the championship-winning Herts All Stars most of who will be moving to the Under-17 age group which will be a big challenge.


Despite this, over the years Herts have managed to triumph against all odds.  From the Falcons’ incredible bottom of the ninth inning walk-off win in the 2004 postseason playoffs and clinching the AAA National title in 2008 to last year’s win by the Herts All Stars against the odds-on favourites London Mets and the Herts Eagles’ phenomenal run in the AAA postseason.


Herts Baseball Club prides itself on the ability to attract so many players who are completely new to the game of baseball.  The Club has welcomed everybody who wants to wear the Herts jersey regardless of ability or level of experience. This has turned Herts into the largest and most respected club in the UK. The club’s coaching staff deserves tremendous credit for being able to put together teams of rookies in the space of just a few weeks of Spring Training, sending them into battle against opponents with many years of baseball under their belt. This is exactly what will be needed during the vital pre-season period this Spring. The club does not have the power hitters or the 90mph flame-throwers, but will be counting on the team spirit, togetherness and loyalty of its members and supporters.


Can they do it?  Can Herts make 2011 The Year of the Underdog once again?


The adult players will be reporting for their first Spring Training session on Sunday 16 January 2011, while the youth teams start on Sunday, 6 February 2011.  These first few sessions will take place indoors.


Baseball has become one of the fastest growing sports in Hertfordshire and those who want to give it a try should get in touch with the club for full details of how to get involved.  The Club can offer baseball for boys and girls as young as 6 and for men and women as old as 50 and above, regardless of their level of baseball experience.


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