Herts’ Outfield Maestro Engaged

2010 Herts Eagles Home Run Champion, Stolen Base King and Gold Glove Winner, Mahendra Prasad, has been officially engaged to Carit.  The celebration took place in Mahendra’s homeland, Sri Lanka. 

A very important event in the life of Mahendra and Carit, but despite this it seems like Mahendra has baseball on his mind.  In a message to Herts Falcons Manager, Lee Manning, Mahendra sent his best regards to everyone at Herts Baseball Club and ended his message with “Can’t wait to come back and play”.

He is expected to make his return shortly, which will be a big boost for the Herts Falcons who have been showing signs that they are going to battle right to the end and Mahendra’s return would give them that extra which they have missed while he has been away.

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