Herts Head for Croydon this Weekend

The International London Tournament is always an enjoyable event, on and off the field.

A Herts All Star team made up of players from the club’s three adult teams will be driving down South to Croydon for the International London Tournament this weekend, 9-10 July 2011.

There will be 15 other teams involved in the competition including teams from all corners of the United Kingdom as well as France and the Netherlands.

On Day One, Herts start the tournament with a game versus the MK Bucks (first pitch 12pm). This is followed by a game at 16:15 versus the hosts Croydon Pirates III.

If Herts clinch a top three place in their group after these two games, they will qualify for the upper bracket competition on Sunday. If they finish fourth or below they will be competing for the Frank Brady Trophy on the secodn day.

2011 London Tournament 1st day schedule

Saturday 9th July – all games are 1hr 45min duration or 7 innings

    Group 1   

 Start   Finish  Home                         v          Away             

 10:00  11:45   Southampton               v          Liverpool         Diamond 1     

 12:00  13:45   Richmond                   v          Essex Arrows  Diamond 1

 14:15  16:00   Liverpool                     v          Richmond       Diamond 2

 16:15  18:00   Essex Arrows              v          Southampton   Diamond 2

  Group 2   

 Start   Finish  Home                         v          Away

 10:00  11:45   Zuidvogels (NL)         v          France             Diamond 2     

 12:00  13:45   Essex Redbacks          v          Pirates             Diamond 2

 14:15  16:00   France                         v          Redbacks        Diamond 3

 16:15  18:00   Pirates                         v          Zuidvogels      Diamond 1

 Groups 1 & 2 the top 2 placed teams progress to the Winners Group + a possible wildcard (see note)

  Group 3   

 Start   Finish  Home                         v          Away

 10:00  11:45   London Metros           v          Latin Boys      Diamond 3     

 12:00  13:45   Maple Leafs                v          Pirates 3          Diamond 3

 12:00  13:45   Herts                           v          MK Bucks       Diamond 4

 14:15  16:00   Pirates 2 (Pilots)          v          Metros             Diamond 1

 14:15  16:00   Latin Boys                  v          Maple Leafs    Diamond 4

 16:15  18:00   Pirates 3                      v          Herts               Diamond 4

 16:15  18:00   MK Bucks                   v          Pirates 2          Diamond 3
Group 3 the top 3 placed teams progress to the Winners Group

WILDCARD NOTE: A single wildcard place will be given to the best 3rd placed team from either Group 1 or 2

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